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Addicted to cocaine for 25 years, now a clean life.

My name is Philip, I am 39 years old and I have a 5 year old son. I am an addict. Am on my 13de started experimenting with soft drugs and booze and soon followed ecstasy and cocaine. I started using that when I was 18 (remember it very well on my birthday) and then it evolved very quickly.

Everything seemed fine on the outside, inside I broke down. Now I have my life back.

I am Tom and I am addicted. 36 years old, father of 2 children. Active in the hospitality industry for 20 years, started as a job student, worked me up completely to manager. Love to work but also very hard. First traditional catering, then chains and there I was able to grow to become a manager.

I met the woman of my life eighteen years ago. Eighteen beautiful years, but also difficult years, especially the last eight years. Actually since the “real” life started: home, children, successes, social happiness.

I was so embarrassed that I used drugs as a nurse that I never dared to say I had a problem

I am Cindy, 34 years old and have a daughter Amber who is 9 years old. I got divorced four years ago and now live alone. I have been struggling with an addiction for years. Drugs and Gambling. Today I celebrate 6 months clean.

I started using it when I was fourteen. I had a girlfriend and on the night of the movie on the chiro she brought something. I did that then. It was XTC. And that was so nice that I immediately wanted to. Pretty soon it was already more and I liked it too. I started having problems at home and at school pretty quickly. I didn't care about very much. I got to know speed and that helped me a lot during my weekend work. I could then go on longer. I also had to pay for it all so I had to work hard.