Outpatient care: What is it and what are the benefits?

You have the term 'walking worry 'may have been heard before. It is a term that is regularly used by health insurance companies, but what does that term actually mean. We will explain it to you in a nutshell and also put the benefits of this approach at a glance.
What is Outpatient Care?
In short, ambulatory care would like to say that the client receives care and recovers in its own environment. So there will be no recording place, which is the case with residential care. Here the client stays in hospital or an institution.

The big difference between outpatient and residential care?

We already pointed it out in the first paragraph: the big difference between outpatient care and residential care lies in the fact that in outpatient care you undergo therapy or recover in your own environment.
With residential care you choose to stay outside your own environment. This can be done in one institution or hospital to be. There you will be surrounded with the necessary care and treatments.
In an outpatient setting you sleep at home and therefore have more opportunity to keep your life going.
The added value of outpatient care
With Reset we firmly believe in outpatient care and an approach in our own environment. We believe there are many advantages to this. This way you sleep at home and work on your recovery within you own environment, there where you triggers and stimuli to be. After all, experience teaches us that you recover better when that happens in real life. Your family, friends, school / work are an important factor in this. They are all people and factors that can contribute to your recovery. Our people are by your side to avoid the pitfalls and overcome the difficult hurdles.

It has been widely proven that withdrawals are life-changing decisions for everyone and therefore the result is no better. Many relapse after a recording because life outside has not changed and it can often be very overwhelming. We also see people with children and still good ones social contacts picking up life faster and thus getting off the starting blocks stronger.

Group sessions, individual accompaniment, sports and activities, they are all important ingredients that contribute to your recovery. Psychologists, addiction experts and coaches are deployed at Reset to achieve results in an ambulatory manner. In addition, the family closely involved in the recovery.
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