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Addiction is one disease cunning enemy .

What is an alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is when someone drinks more than the 'normal' amount of alcoholic drink. It also happens that you drink at several times during the day and do this even when there is no company. If you drink and cannot stop when you actually want to, this may indicate an addiction. One in ten people is addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol is very harmful to the body and the brain, especially when it is consumed to a large extent. Alcohol is available everywhere nowadays. It is socially accepted in our society, which makes it very difficult not to drink. It is often difficult to say “no”.

Because of this, people often give in and drink more than they might want.

What are the symptoms of alcohol addiction?

The following symptoms are associated with alcohol addiction. If you recognize yourself in some (or more) of these statements, it could indicate an alcohol problem.

  • I often drink alcohol.
  • I regularly drink more than I planned.
  • When I drink it sometimes gets out of hand.
  • Occasionally I don't keep appointments because I've been drinking.
  • Sometimes I don't remember what I did.
  • On the days when I feel bad, I drink more.
  • I need alcohol to have fun.
  • I need alcohol to feel more confident.

How are we going to help you?

It is very difficult to admit that you have an alcohol addiction. The consequences of too much alcohol often bring shame. Overcoming an addiction is very difficult and requires a lot of attention and strength. We will help you tackle the problem on the basis of individual conversations and group therapy. We use several for this evidence-based methods.

At Reset we look for the origin of the alcohol addiction.

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