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    Addiction & Mental Health

We are open and keep working. All conversations take place at our locations. Taking care of someone else can also be done in complete safety.

Reset specializes in outpatient addiction care.
Our programs work and give you back your life.

Are you looking for help for your addiction? Going to a hospital is often very drastic.
Reset offers programs where you can work on yourself but also sleep at home.

Experience tells us that sustainable recovery is best achieved when you work on it in real life. Build your recovery around your family, friends and work. Any problems you encounter can then be addressed with the support that Reset offers you.

Motivating, activating and organizing are three important principles in this. Motivate because a pat on the back works so much better, activate because self-esteem comes when you try out new experiences and organize because structure brings peace.

We use different methods to reset someone, we are a very passionate team including psychologists, therapists, coaches and experts and you can contact us immediately. It is a small group in a cosy atmosphere.

We provide assistance with

And the underlying problems such as:
aggression problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, insecurity, avoidance and perfectionism.


Read here which programs Reset has and how they work.

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Read all about addiction and mental health problems here.


We organize free webinars every month.

Changing your behavior or tackling your addiction means regaining control of your life and getting back on track.
It's to find purpose again "zin" find and get in life.

Reset consciously opts for a total approach.

Working on yourself is not easy and you need help with that. We do this in an intensive program in which group sessions, lectures, individual guidance, sports and activities are central.

You don't have to do a recovery alone, you can do it together with others and with the Reset team. Our team consists of psychologists, therapists, coaches and experts who work closely together to “reset” you, both mentally and physically.

Reset also offers a complete family program and an extensive aftercare program.

About Reset

Reset is a private outpatient addiction center. We help adults with addiction to take back control of their lives.

Nobody consciously chooses an addiction. It is a search for meaning to mean something to others and to oneself. People fleeing their fears and loneliness, Reset points back to the right track.

Reset guides you to discover exactly where things go wrong so that you can tackle the underlying cause of your problems. You turn yourself off and then on again. A Re-Set.

Meet Reset